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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 23, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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you're hurting. >> being used. >> president lied. >> all right. >> and you can tell when republicans are [ talking over one another ]. >> thank you for being with us. greta is next. >> greta: tonight president obama and governor romney going to battle over foreign policy, national security and the economy. >> i congratulate him on taking out osama bin laden and going after al qaed yachl we can't kill our way out of this mess. >> governor romney i'm glad you agree we have been success envelope going after al qaeda but very to tell that your strategy has been one that has been all over the map. >> we're talking about the middle east. and how to help the middle east reject the terror we're seeing and attacking me is not
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an agenda attacking me is not talking about how we're going to deal with challenges in the middle east and take advantage of the opportunity there and spend the time. >> here is one thing i've learned as commander in chief. we've got to be clear to allies and enemies about where you stand. and what you mean. the clock is ticking. we're not going to allow iran to perpetually engage in negotiation that's led nowhere. >> from the beginning one of the challenges is that they've looked that the administration and felt waits not as strong as it needed to be. i think they saw fwhaex where they expected to see strength. you went to the middle east and flew to egypt and saudi arabia. and turkey and iraq. and by the way, you skipped israel. our closest friend in the region but went to other nations and by the way they noticed you skipped israel
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then in those nations you said america had been dismissive. you said that on occasion america has dictated to other nations. mr. president, america has not dictated to other nations we have freed other nations from dictators. >> let me respond. if we're going to talk about trips we've made, you know, when i was a candidate for office, first trip i took was to visit our troopts. -- troops. and when i twont israel as a candidate i didn't take donors. i didn't attempt fund-raisers. i went to the holocaust museum to remind myself the nature of evil. why our bond with israel will be unbreakable. >> so how does the race look now? karl rove is here tonight as a fox news political analyst.
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good evening, karl. >> good evening. >> greta: carl how do you determine who won? what is your measurement? tell me what you think. >> let's remember that when talking about winning and losing one frame is like an olympic judge. how is your style? how did you enter water. like a diving judge. other part is a view which is who made me feel more reassuring? the initial poll said that narrow margin people thought obama quote won the debate. here is what is important n a cnn poll who do you think can handle? do you think obama and romney can handle the job? 63% said obama couldn't handle the job. 60% said romney.
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tied. in ppp poll democrat polling firm out of north carolina there is a debate tonight making more or less likely to support a candidate. more likely obama, 32. this goes to show we look at the debates you know what comes to affecting the vote is both attitude and tone. you snow sort of cent of the debate then looked at it in terms of the specifics of the debate. tonight it helps to understand that because of the realization tonight looks like governor romney may have lost the debate looked for edge. and presented himself in a presidential way with the president going to be too aggressive. ask just nasty. >> i suppose people look at the style and who made a
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person feel more comfortable because it's hard to see difference between the two. and there weren't profound differences on issues.. >> there were some differences on some issues. apology tour, for exyampem. and but you're right. president obama said looking here you said governor romney's policies are the same as my own. and saying romney was reckless but you're right a tone of the debate. how you present yourself matters a lot. that is why i thought the president was too aggressive. this is about maybe you need to get into the debate. that was a little bit too over the top. you can see the president and
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he can't hide his contempt for romney, mr. romney has a pretty good poker face for someone who doesn't play cards. >> i saw some of the -- one of the biggest differences is how they laid out the case to the voters and with so much acrimony i suspect i don't know one thing probably having an affect if anyone stuck it out is when governor romney said he got the last word and you said i'll work with you. it's striking. i thought if you're looking not as policies but who you feel comfortable with i thought that would be something effect dwroif communicate. >> you have a strong closing.
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you'll notice he linked it back to the kme. you're right. he had bipartisanship in there. and promised he'd bring that attitude to washington, d.c.. some controversials are -- controversies could potentially color coverage coming from the days ahead. president obama did not want a status enforces agreement. that is why you have a status enforces agreement about your forces. this is not -- it's like you wanted an agreement but no forces to govern. administration made a big deal about how he want to have an agreement allowing the presence of u.s. military forces in afghanistan, excuse me, in iraq. designating vice president to be the lead negotiator. the vice president said i'll bet my vice-presidency on getting the status forces agreement. sounded like the president was
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saying i wanted the agreement but not the force that's is going to be a problem for the president in days ahead. as was insis stance governor romney never supported any kind of government assistance to the auto company. but there is governor on the record saying he wanted to go through a prepackaged bankruptcy to assure auto industries continue. president kept saying look at the records it's not true but it's there in the governor romney's op-ed and there in news reports. and i've seen this in the debate out on the trail. like robert gibs and others they're pleasant people. and they stay hung up on this assertion it's not true. >> and what i don't understand and bankruptcy is a form of
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help. when i practiced law people went into bankruptcy to be protected from creditors so they can reorganize. going into bankruptcy is not to punish someone but giving them breenling room, somehow this is convinced it's a horrible thing like it would be mean. you're giving them protection. so they can reorganize can try to fix things. >> they went through a bankruptcy. there is a 95 page opinion by the judge on the bankruptcy. it's just that terms were dictated by the president of the united states rather than through a trial in court. administration stepped in and said here is how you're going to settle this. and auto companies went through a bankruptcy. president ob yaum and his people saying we saved people from bankruptcy no, you sent them through a bankruptcy. it's a difference between normal bankruptcy and what the
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president did is that he dictated we're going to take secured bond holders they're going to lose their stake. we're going to ignore 200 years of american law in order to reward unsecured creditors my political pals said the president with people's tax dollars. we overpaid and gave them, we know we're never going to get our money back from gm. and chrysler, we gave it way ask said take it off our hands. almost immediately started generating big profits for fiat. fiat is losing money and look. this was -- wasn't that interesting? we got into a discussion about auto companies in the discussion about the foreign ach yairs. this shows romney is trying to bring us back to the economy. >> i thought that was necessary.
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whether we're going to war or we're giving humanitarian relief or paying for our embassies or buying our friends, whatever. we've got to be aable to afford it. >> yes. >> i think the road does lead back to a healthy kme. we have moral certainty in the world. that means so i think waits quite predictible we're going to come back to the economy. we want to be able to afford whatever we do. >> right look. tonight we saw clearly romney strategy for 15 days which is one of the strongest moments romney had is that when he made the case we're not where we ought to be and should be. and this has implications he prosecuted the case i thought effectively. calm, looked at president obama when appropriate. and just nailed it home. and you know it was interesting there is a big contrast in tone, romney calm,
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president obama heckering and going after him. and a couple points we had a 14th moment by president obama saying what i said when i would take the shot i'd take the shot. wait a minute, you didn't take the shot. the field took the shot at osama bin laden. he said the nation, me, and then, proceeded to describe what the nation wanted to do. i thought it was unusual because again it came across as just a little accomplished as louie the 14th massacre yaiding as president. >> thank you. >> and rnc chair joins us nice to see you, ryan. >> thank you. >> there was no mention of benghazi tonight. at least not much. any thoughts on why not? >> well, i mean first of all i just have got to tip my hat off to governor romney showing that he's intelligent,
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reasonable. president yim. and ready to be commander in chief. so we can get that question out of the box. and have been every day. this like the key stone cops. white house is pointing to the state department. state department pointing to white house. there is a fog of misinformation coming out of the white house and i think it's bubbling over and going to keep simmering. at this point, it's unfortunate. it's an albatross now around barack obama's neck. >> it's interesting how different people viewed the debates tonight. robert gibbs said describe romney. governor romney as unsteady. weak, looked uncomfortable. very different viewpoints than republicans have tonight. >> here is a problem.
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problem is that in these 90 minutes they're like 90 minutes of gold to us. what they've done is that they've undone everything barack obama worked for. they've worked for demonizing mitt romney and to the viewers they're watching debates seeing wait a minute. governor romney is reasonable. he's a smart guy. he's someone that can lead this country. i think he might with better than barack obama to lead. all of a sudden, people out there that are undecided are starting to realize that. president has fallen on promises and we have a good articulate decent man for an alternative to lead this country. that is why the lead we're now starting to get in polls are staying and democrats don't know what is going on. they can't figure out how to reverse it. problem is that everything
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they've worked for is demonizing mitt romney. it's dwindling away. it's dwindling because people are seeing mitt romney for who he is. >> yes. >> tonight was another good night for mitt. >> the pan on the air at the debate last week asked the question of president obama. undecided last week. we'll be seeing whether or not he's decided either way. i'm curious. you talked about the goals another gold is ohio. that is a neck and neck goal with the president. but within the margin of error. what your plan because you're running out of time. your party needs to win ohio. >> yes. it's like the platinum. i think that things are going well in he higho. if i'm the president and you keep seeing polling going out and trending into our
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direction two weeks ago about six or seven points up. now there is trending matters and you're a challenger against an incumbent if you're tied going into election day we're going to win. and if we're tied we're going to win. >> greta: i need to ask you about the ground game. if it matters now and you've got early voting can you give me a summarry of what your ground game is? >> there is is our g.o.p. universe we're tracking with every municipality in ohio. we know where ballots are and whether ballots have been returned. it's just like abraham lincoln said, find every wig and get them to polls except today
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we've got better technology, bigger groups of people. and democratic national committee they're broke. republican national committee have got plenty of money to affect this in a pose sif way. >> you mentioned wisconsin your home state. my home state. >> yeah. >> next time we've got a number of days before this race. come back and talk wisconsin. ryan, thank you. >> thank you. >> straight ahead the president fighting to save his job. did he get his job done tonight? next. plus, do you feel safe? or worried about national security? national security expert casey mcfarlland talking about what she heard tonight. >> the reason i call it an apology tour is because you flew to he skbript saudi arabia and turky and iraq. and by the way you skipped israel. our closest friend in the
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region. but you went to other nations and bit way, they noticed that you skipped israel. and then, in those nations on arabic tv you said america has been dismissive and dictated to other nations. mr. president america has not dictated to other nations we have freed other nations from dictators. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone, but her... likes 50% more cash. but, i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes how about some cupcakes? yes lollipop? yes! do you want an etch a sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cash? no you got talent. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. with a 50% annual cash bonus it's the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet? i usually say that.
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>> i think governor romney should spend time mentioning how the navy works we had fewer ships than m 1916 and fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of the military changed we have aircraft carriers where planes land on them we have nuclear submarines. >> the nc chair joins us, geek. >> great would to be with you if you had to single out an area that shows a biggest difference between the candidates what is it? >> i thought when the president talked about his trip to israel and rot
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romney's president ob yaum wra went and traveled to southern israel met with families who are victims of the rocket attack being launch prd gaza. and visited our troops when mitt romney went as a candidate he had two fund-raisers and brought donors over there. mitt romney? what i was surprised about, greta during the debate on the middle east, mitt romney didn't bring up israel once. it just shows he isn't committed to israel in the way he says is he and only used it as a political opportunity and not done a very good job. >> i was surprised and is a missed opportunity for governor rom neechl i would have mentioned president obama didn't meet with prime minister netanyahu when he was here and that he was today there was a israel's embassy web site where they talked
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about they're surprised about the story whether there would be bilateral talk was iran or not. looks like there is a very chilly relationship between the president and prime minister netanyahu. ways surprised that governor romney didn't hit him with that. >> i was surprised that governor romney, who said israel is a priority didn't mention it. president obama made it clear in word and deed he has had israel back. he reiterated time and again when it doumz making sure israel and united states stand strong together we have focused cooperation time and again on the world stage president obama has stood up to israel and demonstrated they're one of our strongest allies. and mitt romney just continues to use it as a political opportunity. not mentioning it doesn't
4:25 am
surprise immediate. >> one of the questions was red line. it was i thought dodge bid who got it. i'm curious whether or not you think we should adhere to a red line as prime minister netanyahu has. >> i think president obama made it clear that he as president will never allow iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. he's made that a priority making sure through international sanctions and domestic pg sanctions weaver brought iran to its knews and that they've -- they've gone gone from being in a situation where there is strength at the beginning of the presidency to now, they're ice yol yaited and the world united against them. i thought clearly president obama demonstrated his policy as commander in chief made sure there has been distance
4:26 am
between iran ask all options are on the table. >> there is a lot of discussion tonight at least towards the end about the economy. i'm curious whether or not you link the health of our economy to foreign policy. >> i think it was president obama made it clear because he's been able to reestablish our relationships that we're in patterns at the end of the last administration we've been able to exercise our leadership and establish our leadership on world stage within the global economy. by bringing troops home in iraq, bringing secretary of state to justice you can focus on nation building here at home. i thought mitt romney showed he was all over the map and looked like he was auditioning. and auditioning to be president obama's secretary of state rather than commander in chief. when i thought he was not ready for. >> how is the ground team in ohio for your party?
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>> it's really strong. we've been there and never left we've had superior early vote operations. we've closed the gap the republicans usually have and we've gottens of thousands of walking door to door making phone calls volunteer operation second to none. we've been building towards most significant grass roots presidential campaign that is what is going to deliver ohio. >> the people of ohio feeling popular these days. >> i think so. >> as they should. >> congress woman, thank you. >> thank you. >> up next, well, he's here. undecided voter who confronted the president about libya. undecided after last week is he ready to pick a candidate? he's here to tell you next z more coverage is coming up including our panel.
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>> when we received the phone call i made sure we did everything we could to secure those americans still in
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harm's way. that we would investigate what happened and three, importantly we go after those who killed americans and bring them to justice that. is what we're going to do. >> last week, an audience member asked the president the libya question. he didn't get an answer. after the debate president obama singled him out and talked to him. but that special touch did not seal the deal. he remains undecide sod after tonight as decided he joins us. nice to see you. have you decided having seen this debate? >> unfortunately, not. greta. undecided. >> greta: what is the hang snup. >> thexojñ same basic question r me. it'sç aeconomy i thought the presidentç was great on the governor did excellent on the economic situation. iç think this election s&l be
4:33 am
what did you see tonight? what made you like one more or less? or think one was smarter? >> i thought they're both smart and effective. i think the governor played it low key. i think he tried to be not looking like a war monger like a reasoned gentleman.
4:34 am
i think the president made good points. governor romney i think made better points on economic policy. again, greta i think the election is going to be won on economic conditions here in the states. >> you're running out of time. i realize there is a state where it's a pretty -- it's a given how your state is going to go but as an individual voter what can happen to influence you one way or another? >> i'll probably decide when i walk into the voting booth. i think the economic situation is going to be the final decision for -- the decision i'll fist most weight to when i walk in to cast my ballot. >> has there this been harder than other years to decide? >> yes. i think social policies that the president i like, i governor governor romney's
4:35 am
record on his own businesses and bill skills. i think that is what is more needed now in this country. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. pleasure. >> and coming up next, good evening, kt. >> hi. >> your thoughts after watching the debate tonight. >> they each had different jobs to do. one guy did it and other guy didn't. romney had to show he knew enough about foreign policy to be the president, dispell notions he was a war monger ask third thing is that commander in chief test. he had to look and sound presidential. i think he did all three. obama had one thing to do. break momentum. he didn't. so doesn't matter what they said on the spes sifins. i think it's a draw meaning romney won.
4:36 am
now, one thing i listened to is what might change things? there is nothing left to do. there isn't going to be anymore events to occur but obama is the commander in chief. he said we're going bring those who did that to justice he has one more rabbit to pull out of a hat. he can have a strike against al yaeda cells in eastern libya before the election. >> do you know what? there are a couple thicks we run out of time in these debates. there are some issues i regretted weren't there. there is -- i don't recall hearing anything on the ou. whatever happens is an act of security because there is global economy so dependent upon each other. i hope they're going to talk about how much we want to get involved in that method.
4:37 am
are there issues you'd regretted we didn't have time for? >> i wish governor romney had gone more into the libya thing. and why didn't president obama go and punish the guy that's did it? at least take out al qaeda training camps and there is i think it was a pretty good debate. and substantively. i think they covered major issues one place they weren't talking about much is latin america that is what is the relationship? and does latin american remain a friend? >> there are parts of africa we didn't have time for.
4:38 am
one is sudan that has been fighting over oil so there is some international attention. you've got other problems the president of sudan who is wanted for war crimes traveled to egypt when he left his own country should have been arrested on the indictment over icc instead because he's muslim brotherhood he got a state visit. so we've got a situation where he came home first to osama bin laden so there are a lot of parts in the world where -- they're dangerous parts of the world wex didn't get to those, either. >> right. >> kt thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and up next our political panel and how do they score in this final showdown? next. >> i know you haven't been in a position to actually execute foreign policy but every time you've offered an opinion, you've been wrong. and 300 sick.
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back to greta. >> i will not cut our military budget by a trit yil dollars a combination of cuts as well as sequester cuts. that is making our future less sek tour. >> there is not something i proposed. >> into the dinl debate, the president and governor in a dead heat so did this chaempk it? sam youngman from routers and doing the impossible tell me what you think viewers thought at home watching this tonight. >> you know we're looking at the polls afterwards to see who is considered a winner. and i think what matters is that obama was deem aid
4:45 am
winner. mitt romney passed commander in chief threshold. among those who watched the debate. that is all you needed to do tonight. to viewers at home, many of them, most of them made up their minds. to the few that are not committed this debate i don't think tonight did much to seal the deal there is all of the right experts and i don't know that he won, i'm not sure, any voters.. >> your thoughts through your kentucky eyes? >> well, i noticed appleton was -- . >> we're up to two shout outs.
4:46 am
i'm fearing it's the same person. >> and i thought the president had a great night. they played this game to win the presidency. it continues to be an election about the economy. the governor had to cross the bar tonight. the bar is very low but he crossed it. he had to satisfy whatever voter concerns were out there. if they're supporting governor romney or inclined so then they like with a he's saying about the economy this, is about scratching that itch and making sure they trust him to handle foreign policy. >> and. >> i think it's a win for mitt romney tonight. i think this is the best he could have hoped for. and i think president obama needed to paint mitt romney as a war monger.
4:47 am
there are two key moments when where i think obama failed to do that. first he says he thinks mitt romney is a greater threat to america. and yet they went back and forth about iraq war. obama ryeing to paint romney as a war monger. romney saying i don't want troops in syria. so i think that they may realize war is a last resort. >> i read viewer e mail all the time. they think he looked like president obama tonight? >> well, he did. interesting was on afghanistan. he has -- in his speech two weeks ago he said he was
4:48 am
agreeable to the timetables but at end it could wo have to have an assessment from commanders on the ground. tonight that was the question. what if it's being too dangerous? he said we're going to be ready. mitt romney said it. it was quite -- stunning but what your viewers are upset about is that there is a tough story on the benghazi episode. it was a first question and he didn't -- he made a decision to skip it. it's probably in the end was the correct calculation. and i think it's going to disappoint a lot of people. >> take a break, stand by straight head would weeks until election day what. do candidates to do do between
4:49 am
now and then? next. >> we're talking about the middle east. and rising tide of tumult and agenda attacking me is not going to take advantage of the opportunities there. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids,
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>> a few months ago when asked what is the biggest threat facing america you said russia. not al qaeda. you said russia. 1980s calling that because cold wharz been over 0 years. >> we're back with our political panel. >> one thing i've noticed about sitting presidents is that they're used to dealing with a lot of criticism. they take it personally when you question their foreign policy. this is with where he they look at conference calls from the spring talking about country that's don't exist anymore using world war terminology to try to paint
4:54 am
mitt romney as out of touch. >> i think mitt romney is good on defense. rit nom respo responded forcefully. i think romney's best night of the -- line of the night is when you said you went around saying america dictated to countries he said no, america freed other countries. >> so tomorrow, everyone can start thinking about swing states? >> it's about mobilizing every supporter they v they don't know how many uncommitted voters are left and whether or not they can be swayed. and i told you they do not like either of them. he think the key is to get to
4:55 am
the polls.. >> i was just going to say i looked at my crystal ball tell meez i'm going to spend a lot of time in ohio. and we're going to see. >> it's a goal. >> he's got to win wisconsin. that is what it's going to come down to. >> polls in wisconsin look better for senator thompson by one or two points. >> that is i think key. >> wild couple weeks, panel, thank you. thank you for staying up late with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. there is so much there for to you look at. we'll see you tomorrow might. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy?
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